How to Add SPF and DKIM to All Domains in cPanel Servers

Question: How can I add SPF and DKIM to all domains in cPanel server? Answer: You can do it with this tyny handy script that we will show you below using the command line from the root user of your cPanel server. SPF and Domaink Keys (DKIM) are one of the best practices you can do for your mail services, and… Read more »

Change Joomla admin user password from MySQL CLI

Question: How can I change the Joomla admin password via command line on Linux? Answer: You can change Joomla admin user password using command line, yes, that’s possible using MySQL Shell. If you lost your Joomla admin user password, you can reset it easily using command line. Let’s explore how to do it on the following tutorial. Reset Joomla user… Read more »

How to clear DNS cache of your Operating System

Introduction: DNS Cache and How to Clear DNS Cache on your local Operating System DNS Cache (sometimes called DNS resolver cache) is the way your system has to grab a copy of the internet locations (IP addresses) of each website that you recently visited. DNS Resolver Cache is a DNS database that includes records of all the recent visits to websies… Read more »

How to remove / terminate a cPanel account using the Linux terminal

On this post we will explore how to delete or terminate a cPanel account using the Linux terminal / CLI (command line interface). Remove / terminate a cPanel account from command line In older versions of cPanel software, to terminate a cPanel account you needed tu run this script: /scripts/killacct or /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/killacct The right sintax to delete a cpanel account on… Read more »

How to Change Apache Port on cPanel using the Command Line

Can I change the apache port via command line in cpanel servers?  Yes you can, it’s easy to change apache port on cPanel using the Linux terminal, keep reading to see how. By default, cPanel users port 80 for its apache configuration, as well as 443 for the SSL secure ports (HTTPS). However, in some strange days you will need to change… Read more »

How to Install Mytop on cPanel to Improve MySQL Server Monitoring

Mytop is one of the best MySQL monitoring tools I’ve ever used. It was written by one of the best MySQL monitoring tools available, written by the ex Yahoo MySQL Guru: Jeremy Zawodny. Today we will explore how to install mytop on cPanel / WHM servers. mytop is a multi-platform (runs onLinux, BSD, Mac OS and even on Windows) terminal based monitoring tool…. Read more »

CentOS 7 Restart Network Command

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CentOS 7 introduces many changes in the way users handle and manage general Linux services. The same happened with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. And the big question here is: How to restart network service on CentOS? And how can I stop and start networking on CentOS or RHEL systems? Today we will explore CentOS 7 Restart Network procedure, as… Read more »