Let’s Encrypt: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Invalid response

Recently I started using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for my site cPanelTips.com. Let’s face it, Let’s Encrypt has changed the way we install SSL certificates. The old days when you had to fill in your company and personal details, generate the CSR code, and then submit to the SSL registrar, to finally wait for the CRT code ware now gone…. Read more »

LiteSpeed 503 Error: Service Unavailable

Today one server was having some strange LitSpeed 503 error on one of their websites. The message was clear: “503 service unavailable”, “the server is temporarily busy, try again later”. What causes this 503 error on LiteSpeed web server? The first thing you have to do is to check the litespeed logs. You can do this by moving to Admin… Read more »

How to execute PHP in HTML on EasyApache 4 + cPanel

A few days ago one of our techs was facing a strange issue while trying to execute PHP in HTML on EasyApache 4 from cPanel. After upgrading to EA4, a previously working .htaccess hack that was used to execute PHP in HTML was no longer working. This was the rule we used for our customer: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html Tried several… Read more »