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How to: Free Disk Space Reducing Reserved Blocks

Lot of system administrators and devops use large drives to host or backup data. However, what they don’t know is that they are losing a few % of disk space on each drive. Today we will explore a tutorial to free disk space by reducing reserved blocks. This will lead to have more free disk space to be used in… Read more »

Linux: Find and Kill Zombie Processes

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Today we will learn about zombie processes. In particular, we will guide you to find and kill zombie processes on your Linux / Unix operating systems. What is a zombie process? On Linux / Unix  operating systems, a defunc process (aka zombie process) is a system process that has completed its execution, however it still show on the system process… Read more »

How can I calculate IP address on Specific CDIR Subnet Ranges?

In the web hosting world, the networking and IP stuff are present in the¿ day to day talking for most system administrators and developers. But some of them get confused about IP ranges and how many IPs are available on each CDIR range. Sometimes we can question ourselves about: How many ips are in a /24 range? How many ips… Read more »

Basic Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

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This post is trying to collect a big numer of basic Linux command cheat Sheets, this will be increasing over the time, and will include basic linux commands for all newbies and advanced users who need to refresh their memory about command options & linux commands syyntaxes. On the next list, you will find file system basic linux commands, file… Read more »