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cPanel Login – How can Iog in to my cPanel account?

On this tutorial, we will explore the most common ways to login to cPanel, and we will also guide you on how to fix most common errors while trying to Login into cPanel. Start with our cPanel Login tutorial. How to Login to cPanel Account cPanel offers an easy way to Login to the account control panel. Access cPanel by… Read more »

How to find the Main Shared IP address of your server in cPanel

Sometimes you need to find the IP address of your main server. If you have a dedicated server or vps it’s very likely you already know the IP address. However, if you are on a shared hosting plan, most of the time you’ll not know what your server IP address. The IP address of your server can be found by… Read more »

Bandwidth limit exceeded error: how can I fix it?

Bandwidth limit exceeded error is often the most common web errors seen on cPanel powered websites. It happen often in the last days of the month, when lot of websites reach their bandwith limits. What does Bandwidth limit exceeded error mean? It means your website reached it’s bandwidth limit.┬áThe result is a suspension of the entire website, it doesn’t allow… Read more »

How to Mass Change All cPanel Account Passwords

Today I found a cool way to mass change all cPanel account passwords. This simple script is really useful when you suspect most of your sites are cpanel/ftp compromised and you need to set new passwords really quickly. This tiny script will set new strong random passwords for all your cPanel users, that includes the FTP access for each website…. Read more »

Get a List of All cPanel Users Under a Reseller account

How can I get a list of total cPanel users under a specific Reseller account? That was the question we needed to answer. And luckly, we found an answer to get a list of the total sites assigned under a cPanel Reseller account by reading this file: /etc/trueuserowners /etc/trueuserowners is the file where cPanel stores all the usernames that belong… Read more »

How can I Force Roundcube Update on cPanel?

Roundcube is one of the best email clients for cPanel servers, way better than the old Horde and Squirrelmail. However, Roudcube is not as stable as Horde and Squirrelmail, and sometimes its database gets corrupted or affected in some way. This leads to users complaining about not accesing their emails as they want. Today we will learn how to force… Read more »