cPanel, is a Linux-based control panel to manage all kind of Hosting needs from both parts, user side and server administrator side. cPanel was released in 1999 and since then it became the #1 web hosting control panel in the world.

This website

This site is NOT related to cPanel.com, the original developers of cPanel/WHM product. cPanel is property of cPanel Inc, authored by John Nick Koston.


My name is Esteban Borges. I’m a Linux Geek, fascinated about Linux OS, Server Security and Web Performance. I love to fix things, automate system tasks, scale  high traffic websites and resolve problems.

Working at Infranetworking as a Sr. Linux SysAdmin & CTO for over 10 years I’ve been able to help thousands of customers with their cPanel & CentOS issues. While today I’m working as Product Manager & Technical Advisor at the company and my role changed to focus more on the Management and Business areas… I still love working on the Linux shell.

This is the site that I chosen to share the best technical tips and tricks about cPanel and its configuration. You will also find general Linux server management tips.