#1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server phpMyAdmin error

#1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server, this was the error I got today on a phpMyAdmin installation inside a cPanel server while trying to access the application. phpMyAdmin is one of the best tools to handle your MySQL databases and tables inside cPanel servers. However, sometimes we get strange errors while trying to use it. Today we will… Read more »

Unable to establish a PHP session PHPMyAdmin error

Access Denied Unable to establish a PHP session. If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings. That was the error seen on a phpmyadmin installation on one of my customer servers. It’s related to the phpMyAdmin sessions, which need to be written inside the /tmp directory… Read more »

How to Install Mod_lsapi on CloudLinux

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Mod_lsapi is a high performance Apache module that is based on the technology behind the LiteSpeed web server. It’s a drop-in replacement for suPHP, but it can also serve Ruby and Python scripts. It works exactly the same as suPHP, with the big difference that it is faster and uses less system resources to serve PHP files. lsphp on the other… Read more »

cPanel Login – How can Iog in to my cPanel account?

On this tutorial, we will explore the most common ways to login to cPanel, and we will also guide you on how to fix most common errors while trying to Login into cPanel. Start with our cPanel Login tutorial. How to Login to cPanel Account cPanel offers an easy way to Login to the account control panel. Access cPanel by… Read more »

Linux error: bash: rsync: command not found

Today I came across a weird problem that I’ve never seen before. While trying to migrate information from one server to another using rsync I get this error: bash: rsync: command not found This was the full output: [root@server.cpaneltips.com:~]rsync -avpr -e ‘ssh -p 22’ root@* /home/company/public_html/ bash: rsync: command not found rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far)… Read more »

Useful Exim CheatSheet for Devs and System Administrators

This are some useful basic exim commands, compiled into what we call ‘Exim CheatSheet’. This are super useful to manage exim and troubleshoot general email errors from the Linux terminal. Top 17 Useful Exim Commands List all messages in the exim mail queue exim -bp Get the total number of emails in the queue exim -bpc Show a summary of… Read more »

Linux: Exim Remove All messages From the Mail Queue

How can I remove all the messages from the Exim mail queue from command line? That is a question made by many jr system administrators, webmasters and developers. Sometimes you need to clean  or remove all the messages on Exim mail queue, you can do it either from a web interface like Web Host Manager if you are using cPanel. Or… Read more »