How can I Turn On TCP SYN Cookie Protection on Linux?

Are you under DOS attack on your cPanel or Linux server and you need to stop that syn flood to avoid downtime? Many VPS and Dedicated servers suffer syn flood atttacks on their systems, it’s something really normal on Linux servers. One type of attack is called SYN Attack. TCP Syn attacks are what it is called as DOS (aka… Read more »

How can I Fix Wrong Disk Usage on cPanel?

Sometimes WHM and cPanel are displaying certain amount of disk usage for one particular cpanel user, but that’s not the real disk usage, you find out that it is an incorrect disk usage. When the system is¬†showing wrong disk usage on cPanel, you will have to investigate user’s disk usage using the shell. How to fix wrong disk usage on… Read more »

How to Check if the cPanel Ports are Open

cPanel uses a few special ports to serve apps & services for their cPanel, Webmail and WHM logins. And sometimes users may experience issues with non-standart HTTP ports. On this post, we will start learning the basic cPanel Ports, and a way to see if this ports are open or not. What are the default cPanel Ports? cPanel control panel,… Read more »

Get a List of All cPanel Users Under a Reseller account

How can I get a list of total cPanel users under a specific Reseller account? That was the question we needed to answer. And luckly, we found an answer to get a list of the total sites assigned under a cPanel Reseller account by reading this file: /etc/trueuserowners /etc/trueuserowners is the file where cPanel stores all the usernames that belong… Read more »

How can I Install Memcached and PHP Memcache in cPanel?

Memcached is a distributed memory¬†caching technology that allows users to cache data inside Linux RAM memory. It’s the fastest way to cache objects and data, as RAM memory is way faster than Disk cache systems, which relay on Disk speed, which is always slower than RAM speed. That’s why today we will show you how to Install Memcached and PHP… Read more »

How to Install CageFS on CloudLinux

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CageFS is one of the greatest things ever happened on the web hosting world. It’s the key and heart for CloudLinux security. And today you will learn how to install cagefs on CloudLinux, and enable cagefs from CageFS user interface. CageFS is a virtualized file system, but it is not only that… CageFS it’s as its name suggest, a cage…… Read more »

How can I Force Roundcube Update on cPanel?

Roundcube is one of the best email clients for cPanel servers, way better than the old Horde and Squirrelmail. However, Roudcube is not as stable as Horde and Squirrelmail, and sometimes its database gets corrupted or affected in some way. This leads to users complaining about not accesing their emails as they want. Today we will learn how to force… Read more »