How to Delete mailman archives on cPanel using the Linux terminal

Mailman archiving can be turned off from your mailing list administration area, at option Archive. However… let’s suppose you have a mailman mailing list called and you need to clean that list from the command line. The question is: how can I delete mailman archives from the terminal on cPanel? Step by step delete mailman archives on cPanel from… Read more »

Install MySQL Governor on cPanel

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MySQL service overloads was something quite common on shared web hosting enviroments before Cloudlinux appear in the web hosting market. Previous to this, a poorly written PHP script could cause dissasters in a server while making SQL querys against the MYSQL service. What is MySQL Governor? Luckly we have MySQL Governor, a fantastic CloudLinux feature that can help you to… Read more »

Recursively Optimize PNG Files

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Images are often one of the most overlooked things when publishing content inside a website. Editors upload images freely and most of them don’t rely on using the correct image format, or even worse, they don’t bother to optimize the image at all. However, the Linux terminal offers a great way to recursively optimize PNG files. Install OptiPNG and PNGCrush on Linux… Read more »

How can I Disable CPU Frecuency Scaling?

As a web performance addict, I’m always looking for ways to improve system performance and speed web applications. And today I will share with you the magic of CPU frecuency scaling, and a practical how to guide to disable CPU frecuency scaling to run your system at full CPU speed. Before getting into how to disable CPU frecuency scaling, let’s understand… Read more »

301 Redirect: all HTTP requests to HTTPS

I’m trying to redirect all insecure HTTP based requests on my site ( to HTTPS ( My page uses PHP,  how can I do this redirect usig .htaccess with Apache web server? That was the question made by one customer earlier this week. First things first: the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS is done at web server level, altough it can… Read more »

How to install LiteSpeed cPanel Plugin on WHM Servers Step by Step

LiteSpeed is a fantastic alternative to Apache and Nginx web servers. And the best, is that it is 100% compatible with cPanel and it also supports .htaccess rewrite rules. Today you will learn the quick and easy way to install LiteSpeed cPanel Plugin and to tweak its performance and security settings. LiteSpeed Web Server, also known as LSWS, is a high performance HTTP server… Read more »

Install / Upgrade to PHP 7.1 on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 using Remi RPM Repo

Days ago I had to upgrade to PHP 7.1 on the server, it was a major upgrade since I was running PHP 5.6.x. This was on the top of my todo list after I read that PHP 7.1 was 20% faster than PHP 7.0 (and we all know PHP 7.0 is around twice as fast as PHP 5.6.x), as… Read more »