Speedup MySQL InnoDB Shutdown by Flushing Dirty Pages

Days ago one of our customers with a very large InnoDB database was having a strange error while trying to restart MySQL server. So our tech team started investigating and found it was caused due to the very big size of the InnoDB database and the dirty pages. What are dirty pages after all? First things first: having dirty pages is… Read more »

Find out RAID Controller Type and Model on Linux

Sometimes you need to find out RAID controller type and model on Linux servers, and this can become a tricky situation if you don’t know the right commands. On this post we will explore exactly that, how to get your Raid type and Model. Linux Command to find out Raid Controller Type and Model lshw and lspci are commands that… Read more »

Select a php version from MultiPHP Manager

One of the main features of EasyApache 4 is the ability to use a PHP Selector that allows you to choose between different PHP versions for your cPanel websites. And on this post, we will show you how to select a php version from MultiPHP Manager. I remember how many support requests were received each time we upgrade PHP version from… Read more »

How to Uninstall EasyApache 4

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Previously we already explored how to Install EasyApache 4, and today we are going to see the opposite process, how to uninstall easyapache 4 from your cPanel server. This will rollback to EasyApache 3, the previously and old PHP/Apache configuration manager for cPanel servers. How to uninstall EasyApache 4 from your box While EasyApache 4 is ready to work on… Read more »

AutoSSL not working on cPanel / WHM

Free AutoSSL Certificates are one of the best things that cPanel introduced on their latest updates. AutoSSL allows any cPanel user to have their own free TLS / SSL certificate with just a couple of clicks. On this post we will explore solutions if you have AutoSSL issues and AutoSSL not working. Why is AutoSSL not working on cPanel? One of the… Read more »

How to Block access to wp-admin for all external countries

Days ago I was thinking about how could I increase the security of my wp-admin area and wp-login.php file from my WordPress installations. That’s when I started investigating until I found a good way to do it. On this post I will show you a simple way to block access to wp-admin for external countries, and allow only your own… Read more »